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Platinum A2GX Geothermal Air Conditioning Packaged System (Platinum ZV Geothermal Packaged System)

  • Geothermal home heating is a smart solution for efficiency and comfort in your home
  • Offers up to 29.4 EER efficiency rating
  • Available in single- and two-stage heating and cooling
  • Variable-speed blower motor provides up to 12 airflow selections to keep temperatures even
  • Durable polymer drain pan wards off bacterial growth and corrosion
  • Vibration-dampened compressors and a fully insulated cabinet
  • Specially coated coils are built to last
  • Optional hot water heating is available with this geothermal cooling system
  • May also qualify for a federal tax credit of up to 30 percent of the installation costs through 2016*
    - Ultra-efficiency
    - Quiet operation
    - Low maintenance

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